Wiese mit Tomatenplatzen
Gautschi has long been a pioneer of organic products.

We care very strongly about our environment

Sustainability is part of our DNA. We have been committed to the sustainable production of top-quality organic products for decades. In the beginning, in 1989, our biggest challenges lay in obtaining suitable raw materials for our first purely organic product: Jogo dressing. Many – whenever possible, Bio Bud-certified – organic products have come along since then.

The habitat on our company grounds is one of the reasons why we got into organic production.

We are proud of the fact that our commitment has led to many people being able to enjoy organic products as a matter of course. Thanks to our proprietary brand and customised creations for our customers’ private labels, we are able to cater to this need with a growing assortment of premium organic products.

Solarzellen auf Dach von Gautschi
Sustainability in practice: our plant’s rooftop solar panel.

In order to strengthen our commitment to sustainability, in 2015 we installed one of the region’s biggest solar panels on the rooftop of our plant. Since then, a fifth of our power needs comes straight from our own production.


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