Gautschi reconciles the spirit of manufacturing with industrial flair.

Gautschi has been making the best-quality Swiss sauces, soups and dressings for over 60 years. Our well-orchestrated team of experts develops and produces fine soups, sauces and dressings. Whether we are making proprietary products or exceptional products for our discerning customers, our agility, ability to fulfil customer needs, sustainability and modern infrastructure are the cornerstones of our approach to quality and our vision of who we are: speciality makers through and through.

We promise to optimally meet your needs.

Whether you’re looking to order in bulk or in small quantities, you can rely on the smooth cooperation of a highly professional, reliable and experienced team of experts.

The benefits for you:

Gautschi promises to meet the highest demands in terms of quality, taste and convenience. A promise that defines the way we think and act and is corroborated by numerous quality and safety certifications.

We can transform the ideas and concepts of each individual customer into the perfect solutions – from the development and production of customised products to the ideal packaging.

We combine our experience, knowledge and market insight to enable you to benefit from our development department, long-standing expertise in manufacturing and proven product portfolio as well as our incorporation within the global HACO Group.

Our modern and efficient production facilities cover the entire process chain, allowing us to meet all the needs of our customers from an annual volume of 2,000 kilos to large-scale orders.

Customer requirements are at the heart of everything we do. Our lean organisational structure, swift decision-making processes and supreme agility help give you the competitive edge.

Being a traditional Swiss company, we pride ourselves on our meticulousness, precision and reliability. Our value added is created in Switzerland, where we favour local ingredients and assume responsibility for our environment.

As one of the first to explore the idea of organic farming, we have been focusing on natural, sustainable production methods and the gentle processing of natural, ecologically sound raw products for decades.

Gautschi Suppen


Soups are just as trendy as good old comfort foods. From classics to clever culinary creations catering to individual customer needs – only the highest quality ingredients and finest flavours make it into our soups.

Kalte Gautschi Suppe

Cold sauces

The perfect accompaniment to fish and vegetables or a surprise ingredient to elevate sandwiches – our cold sauces are true taste sensations. We also generally avoid using preservatives and like to source regional ingredients.

Gautschi Pasta mit warmer Sauce

Hot sauces

Hot sauces are part and parcel of many a pasta, meat or vegetable dish. For private households or professional kitchens – our sauces are extremely versatile and ready to serve in no time at all.

Gautschi Spezialitäten


We work with our customers on developing further products for a discerning clientele, drawing on our extensive experience in manufacturing specialities to create herb butters, hummus, spreads, compotes and the like.

Gautschi products

Our home-made sauces, soups and dressings contain only quality ingredients, sourced – whenever possible – locally from the region. They provide a high-quality alternative and are available at selected partner stores.

Project Request

Trusty companions

Illustration Wunschpartner

We help our customers transform their products into marketable commodities. By drawing on our experience, our knowledge of the market and our comprehensive expertise, we are able to bring projects to life and develop new creations.


Illustration Verwirklicher

We are connoisseurs with a passion for innovation. Which is why we advise and inspire our customers to transform striking ideas and concepts into marketable products that offer consumers added value in terms of quality, flavour and convenience.


Illustration Manufaktur

Craftsmanship, freshness and convenience are at the heart of our industrial manufacturing. These values are reflected in our high standards with regard to Swiss quality and unparalleled taste.